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Intellectual Property and Coworking

How is intellectual property protected in a Coworking Space? Coworking spaces are innovative hubs. New ideas are formulated, business information is discussed in the open. We collaborate openly, sharing information and networks. One of the things I love about coworking is the ability to ‘bounce’ ideas off others. Something that you certainly can’t do sitting [...]

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Rise of the Telecommuter

tel·e·com·mute Verb work from home, making use of the Internet, e-mail, and the telephone. How awesome is the internet? Seriously few things in the human existence have had such a profound effect on society. It’s up there with fire, iron, oil, the telephone, television, and Steve Jobs. It has shrunk the world and connected cultures [...]

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a generic word that’s generally used to describe a situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together. But they do not work for the same company. This describes perfectly what we are. A space in the CBD of Launceston, housed within the historic Launceston Post Office, home [...]

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