Reflection a.k.a. procrastination

I sit here and write this post in our existing coworking space. I am procrastinating about tidying out my files Cowork Entrybefore we move into our new space. Reflecting on the mammoth amount of work that has gone into the finding, designing, liaising, negotiating and everything else that goes into a custom-designed workspace. I am guessing we are getting toward fifteen hundred human hours. Most of the hours voluntary by the members of the Cowork Tasmania Inc Board. I thank the other Board members for their effort and diligence in helping make Tasmania’s first purpose developed coworking space a reality. All of those hours do not include the hours of work and dollars put in by our new landlords, Peter and Julia, I also thank them.

I reckon it is worth every second and dollar everyone has invested.

The new space that has been created is filled with huge amounts of natural light, it has been designed with contemporary and traditional workspaces in mind. The workspaces are separated with various casual seating options. After all, if you can sit on a comfy couch and still be productive, why wouldn’t you?

Even though there is no furniture in the new space yet, there is a feeling of productivity and positivity in the building. Once our purpose built furniture goes in, there will be an amazing sense of a) achievement for what has been achieved and b) excitement for what is to come.

We are not there yet. But as of Monday 27th March we will be open for business on Level 1, 93 York Street. Drop in and say hi!


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